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Accelerating Business Growth through BNI Networking Chapters in Lancashire

In today's competitive business landscape, establishing valuable connections and expanding your network is
crucial for driving growth and achieving success.

With networking in mind, we are excited to introduce the flexible offer available as part of our Business Networking International (BNI) chapters in Lancashire.

After listening to business owners from the region, we identified a clear need for us to provide a range of meeting times, which make it easier than ever for businesses across Lancashire to join our world leading networking platform.

If you’re yet to explore how BNI's efficient networking can accelerate your business growth and lead you to
new heights of success, it has never been easier than right now.

We understand that businesses operate within tight schedules, making it difficult for some Lancashire
business owners to take advantage of our networking opportunities.

To remove this barrier, BNI Lancashire has improved our offer by establishing a range of different meeting
times, and different meeting styles, to suit different schedules.

Whatever your preferred meeting style, whether that’s face to face or online, and whether you prefer meeting before breakfast or a little later on, we now believe that we have a meeting tailored to fit your schedule.

With multiple options available, businesses will no longer face barriers when considering membership.

We have meetings across the region starting from 6.45am right through to 6pm as well as meetings both in person or online.

It all starts with a visit though, so why not book to attend one of the following meetings:



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