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I'd like an invite please is there a BNI near me? I'd like to talk to someone

For 30 years, in over 70 countries we’ve been focused on creating business.

BNI attracts business people who understand that by helping others they will help themselves - we call it Givers Gain®.

... and research shows that the formula works: the more proactive and involved you are as a BNI member, the more you get out of it.

As well as the weekly meeting which is specifically designed to help build trusted relationships between members, there is both formal and informal support:

  • training events and development dealing with techniques like presentation skills, building relationships and networking
  • on-going contact with a group of like-minded business people (your BNI Chapter colleagues) who are committed to supporting each other, working as a sales team on each other’s behalf
  • systems to monitor your own results (and liven things up if you’re not getting any!) with mentors to guide and help you to make BNI work for you

It’s a philosophy that drives – and expects - high standards: linking people at local, national and global levels, depending on where you want to make contacts and do business. 

Come and see for yourself.